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Gender-Affirming Care


SERVICESGender-Affirming Care Assessments

Authentic Therapy Services supports the self-determination of people seeking gender-affirming medical care.

Aligned with the values and mission of the Gender Affirmative Letter Access Project (GALAP), we are committed to providing a minimum of one pro-bono assessment and letter writing service a month for individuals in Pennsylvania or Maryland seeking gender-affirming medical interventions.


    ● Completion of informed consent documents and brief intake form via our secure online client portal.
    ● Confirmation of specific insurance requirements for HRT or medical care letters.
    ● Gender affirming care assessment conducted via telehealth, covering information generally required by insurance companies and/or providers requesting a letter to proceed with treatment.
    ● Following completion of the assessment, a copy of the letter will be uploaded to the secure client portal within 48 hours. Clients are able to review the letter for any needed changes or additions before it is finalized.
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