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(Updated May 2024)

Individual Therapy (50 minute session): $150

Relationship Counseling (50 minute session): $175

Autism Assessment: $1350

Combined Autism & ADHD Assessment: $1650

ADHD Assessment: $750

Gender Affirming Care Letter Assessment: Free


Authentic Therapy Services is an Out of Network Provider.

While understanding the implications for clients with active health benefits, ATS is a values-driven practice focused on providing affirmative treatment services that are not always aligned with the deficit-based medical model of managed care.

We have chosen to prioritize our clients’ right to privacy and their role as primary-decision makers regarding diagnoses (or lack thereof), confidentiality of treatment records, and genuine treatment needs. Given our work with neurodivergent, LGBTQIAP+, and other minority communities, providing out-of-pocket services allows us to minimize the risk of harm, including (but not limited to) rejection of coverage based on reviews of private health information by complete strangers.

As an Out of Network provider, clients will be billed at time of service and are responsible for all upfront payments. ATS is readily prepared to offer monthly documentation (known as “superbills”) for clients to submit to their insurance for reimbursement.

For more information, please review our guide Out of Network Benefits and Good Faith Estimates.


Authentic Therapy Services LLC has partnered with Mentaya for clients with eligible Out of Network benefits to submit claims for reimbursement of healthcare-related costs for a fee of 5% per claim.

Please use the tool below to see if your plan qualifies:
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